When I found stuff I don’t remember having done …

From KKBB I would guess



Then, this one soldier who just wanted a cool photograph gets murdered by terrorists that are specifically targeting Tony Stark.

This was the moment that made Tony Stark reevaluate his entire life.

This was the moment that made Tony Stark cut the weapons program.

This was the moment that Tony Stark became Iron Man.

This was the moment that never truly left him.

Because it’s after this moment that Tony Stark proceeds to spend the rest of his life making peace-signs in photos, in honor of a young man who was more of a man than Tony could’ve ever dreamt of being; whose death Tony spent months agonizing over and trying to ensure wasn’t in vain.

Robert Downey Jr., on having confidence in yourself (x).

As the French press laughs (x).

A vulnerable Tony Stark, Iron Man 2 (2010) deleted scene - “Tony’s  Workshop”.

Just watched “Less than Zero”, I think I just killed my last feels… 

Gonna harass my dogs for comfort.

Adieu monde cruel



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this is beyond incredible.

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