The infamous scene where Wade drags Warren into his Deadpool tent and feeds him coke and pop rocks.

And his own flesh also…



in Uncanny X-Force


Deadpool & Fantomex in Uncanny X-Force

No, grasshopper. Every hand is for gun.


Deadpool & Cable #26

I feel like Deadpool’s relationship with Cable doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. It is my absolute favourite of Deadpool’s partnerships.

The complementary pairing of a self-loathing, irreverent mercenary with a self-confident, serious messiah figure made for both excellent comedy and drama in Cable & Deadpool. They clashed regularly on outlooks and issues, but despite their differences, their relationship gradually developed into one of respect and love.

Cable saw Deadpool as someone with the potential for good, but was also able to recognize that he wasn’t quite there yet – he encouraged him to be better, but didn’t reject him as he was. Deadpool saw Cable as someone with largely noble goals, but was never afraid to disagree with him, or to criticize him for being overbearing.  

Neither was a yes-man for the other. Neither sacrificed their own identity or morality system for the other. And their representation as characters that admired and cared for each other, and did so without having homogeneous goals, was, and remains, brilliant.